The short film is titled 'The Pleasure of Being Served.' Photo: YouTube

A short film about an undocumented Filipino domestic worker in the US will be featured in the 2018 New York City International Film Festival.

The 15-minute film titled The Pleasure of Being Served, which was directed by Filipino-American Michael Manese, will be screened at the film festival in April, GMA News reported.

Rosa, an undocumented domestic worker in the United States, tries to save enough money to bring her son to the US from the Philippines. She works for a man who cheats on his Filipino girlfriend. Rosa struggles to decide whether to continue working for her employer or leave the country despite being an illegal immigrant.

The film has already been screened at other film festivals in the US, the UK and the Philippines. It was nominated for six awards during the Golden Door International Film Festival in New Jersey. It was voted  the “most controversial” film at the iChill Film Festival in Manila.

The 2018 New York City International Film Festival will be held in April at the Dolby Theater.