Taoyuan District Court in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taoyuan District Court in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 60-year-old Taiwanese man was found not guilty of raping his Indonesian maid at Taoyuan District Court in Taiwan on Wednesday.

The man surnamed Wang was accused of having forced sexual intercourse with the domestic worker up to four times a month between March, 2013 and July, 2014, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

The maid, who later became pregnant and had an abortion, reported the case in October, 2014 and was relocated with the help of the police.

But the court was told that when the maid had an abortion on June 14, 2015, it was more than 10 months after the last alleged rape by Wang, so he could not possibly be the father.

The defendant also told the court he could not have had sexual intercourse with the maid because of a diabetes condition and an enlarged prostate.

He also argued that the maid could have sought help at anytime as she owned a mobile phone during her employment.

The court ruled Wang not guilty after more discrepancies in the maid’s statement

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