Everan Hospital in Taichung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Everan Hospital in Taichung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 31-year-old Indonesian domestic worker from Taichung in Taiwan has undergone a tendon transfer after suffering an incomplete recovery following an operation three months ago to repair an injured arm.

The Indonesian maid known only as Sura was accidentally crushed by an automatic door at her employer’s home, leaving her with a fractured humerus or a broken upper arm, China Daily News reported.

She was sent to a nearby hospital where she underwent surgery. But her recovery was slow and she failed to regain the ability to straighten her fingers.

Sura was then referred to Everan Hospital, where she was diagnosed with radial nerve palsy. Doctors advised that she should have a tendon transfer.

Her wrist and fingers are now said to be regaining previous functions, and with appropriate physiotherapy sessions, Sura is expected to make a full recovery.

A doctor surnamed Lin said a patient who suffers a fractured humerus with minor temporary numbness should normally recover gradually in three to six months.

However, if they suffer a wrist “drop” it suggests they have a radial nerve palsy – a medical condition in which the wrist and fingers cannot extend at the metacarpophalangeal joints, and that requires medical attention as soon as possible.

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