Daqian General Hospital, Miaoli county, western Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Daqian General Hospital, Miaoli county, western Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

After support from her hospital in Miaoli county, western Taiwan, a 31-year-old Indonesian migrant worker who had been obliged to return to her home country by mid-December has now been permitted to stay on the island for another six months for treatment of cervical cancer.

Amy, who has worked in Taiwan as a domestic caregiver for two years, was admitted to Daqian General Hospital three weeks ago, where she was in severe condition with acute renal failure and sepsis as the result  of Stage 3 cervical cancer, United Daily News reported.

Dr Lin Jing-wang, the hospital’s deputy superintendent and head of gynecology, informed Amy’s employment agency about her life-threatening condition.

The doctor recalled his outrage after learning of the lack of sympathy of the woman’s employer and her agent, who stressed that she could only receive the most urgent treatment and must leave as scheduled in her employment contract.

During the past two weeks, Lin and his team of oncologists, urologists, gynecologists and radiologists have successfully caused a 7-centimeter tumor to shrink, and her kidneys have returned to health.

Meanwhile, Lin and Amy’s Indonesian supporters helped with negotiations for her extended stay, and she was eventually granted another six months in the country.

Amy, who was married at the age of 16 and is the mother of two children, expressed her gratitude to everyone including Lin, the hospital and her compatriots for their timely support and assistance.

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