Peng Chau. Photos: Google Maps, Hong Kong Government
Peng Chau. Photos: Google Maps, Hong Kong Government

A 4-meter-long python was found outside a village house in Peng Chau, a small island off the northeast coast of Lantau Island, on Wednesday. At 8am, the tenant of an apartment on the second floor of the house on Wing On Street saw the shadow of a snake moving in the living room, Oriental Daily reported.

Police and a snake expert arrived. After a search, they found the python hiding in an air-conditioner frame on the external wall of the building.

The expert used a 2-meter-long wooden rod and tried to drive the snake away, which made it fall to the ground. The snake expert immediately put it into a bag.

Meanwhile, a worker in a garage in Kowloon’s To Kwa Wan found a python inside a BMW when he attempted to check the car’s engine on Thursday, Apple Daily reported.

At around 1pm, when the worker opened the car hood, he found a meter-long snake hiding in the engine compartment.

Police arrived with a snake catcher.

The python was a young female with a bulging belly. The snake catcher believed it was hiding under the car hood to take a rest after eating.

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