The Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Two Filipino domestic workers in Taiwan have been recognized by the Philippine government for taking care of two boys suffering from cerebral palsy after their parents abandoned them in July.

Their story came to the attention of the Philippine representative office in Taiwan after it was published by Asia Times.

On Monday, the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO), as the representative office is officially known, honored Joylyn Catulos Camilote and Joyce Ann Cudal Bonilla for their actions, GMA News reported.

In July, the two domestic workers agreed to continue caring for the two boys who suffered from cerebral palsy after their parents abandoned them – even though their actions could have resulted in their own deportation.

“The Filipino domestic workers decided to stay even though they no longer [had] employment contracts, risking deportation for violation of local migrant-labor laws,” the MECO said in a statement on Monday.

According to the office, the Philippine government has compensated the two domestic workers for their unpaid salaries and fixed their employment status in Taiwan. Camilote and Bonilla have since found new employers.

In Taiwan, Filipinos make up the second-largest group of migrant workers, most of them employed in factories or as caregivers for the elderly.

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