Marina Cove in Sai Kung in New Territories East. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino domestic worker almost died after falling into an uncovered shaft on her employer’s yacht at Marina Cove in Sai Kung in New Territories East.

The 30-year-old helper named Nena told she had been asked by her employer to help prepare food and drink on the yacht during an overnight sea trip. She did not give details about the date of the trip.

Suddenly, she fell into a deep shaft above the engine. Fortunately, she managed to grab a board at the edge of the shaft, which was nine-feet deep, and avoided hitting the machine.

While hanging on to the edge, she had difficulty breathing. But after struggling for a while she was able to finally lift herself back up on the deck with only minor scratches on her elbows.

Nena said if she had not been able to suddenly hold on to the edge of the shaft, she could have fallen down on to the engine and suffered serious injuries, or even died.

She advised her fellow migrant workers to pay extra attention when working abroad. “We are far away from our families. It would be difficult for them to contact us if anything bad happens to us,” she said.

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