It is normal to take a shower two or three times a day. Photo:
It is normal to take a shower two or three times a day. Photo:

An employer faced a heavy backlash from netizens after she posted a Facebook message criticizing her domestic worker for running up her water bill by bathing too often.

The employer, likely a woman judging from her nickname “Little Cloud,” wrote in a post in Chinese on the Facebook page of Support Group for HK Employers with FDHs that she was angered by her maid bathing at 9pm on Saturday and again early on Sunday before going out for her weekly holiday.

She said such bathing habits would result in a heavy cost burden from her water bill. She also asked other employers in the group whether their domestic workers had similar habits of bathing before and after sleep.

The post was screen-captured and reposted on the Brother-Sister Facebook Club page. Little Cloud was slammed for her unkind comments about her domestic worker.

Many netizens said domestic workers had a right to take a shower when they wished, while any employer who tried to stop them was being unreasonable. Some said Little Cloud should praise her maid for being careful with her personal hygiene.

Taking a shower two or three times a day is normal if it is summer or the indoor ventilation is poor, they said.

Little Cloud was also slammed by netizens for creating a “control freak” image for Hong Kong employers. They added that the Water Supplies Department was providing water to Hong Kong residents at a low price.

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