Taiwan Taichung District Court. Photo: Google Maps
Taiwan Taichung District Court. Photo: Google Maps

A 59-year-old Taiwanese man who was previously sentenced to nine years and six months in jail for raping an Indonesian domestic caregiver has been handed a shorter term of eight years by Taiwan Taichung District Court on appeal.

The Liberty Times reports that the caregiver was indecently assaulted twice and raped 10 times by her employer, surnamed Hsieh, in Taiwan’s Taichung City.

In one instance, the victim managed to take a video lasting five minutes and 35 seconds on her mobile phone. This was used as evidence against Hsieh, who was seen shirtless and holding her even when she begged him to let go.

The victim sought assistance from her employment agency, which supported her in filing a case with the police. Last September, she also forwarded the video to her compatriots. After it was uploaded to social media by her friends, the story hit headlines nationally in Indonesia, stirring much criticism of the Taiwanese employer.

Police immediately offered temporary accommodation to protect the victim as they pursued Hsieh, who went on the run for 32 hours in an attempt to avoid arrest.

The appeal court learned that Hsieh remitted an extra NT$150,000 (US$4,969) on top of the agreed NT$350,000 (US$11,594) as compensation to the victim after his conviction in the initial trial.

The judge considered that to be a gesture of showing remorse, and thus granted Hsieh a lighter term of eight years in jail.

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