Emily Cortez Langido (right) and her teammates. Photo: FAST/Facebook
Emily Cortez Langido (right) and her teammates. Photo: FAST/Facebook

More than 300 foreign domestic workers, guests, friends and employers gathered at the clubhouse of Singapore’s Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (FAST) for the organization’s inaugural International Food Fair on November 19.

Twelve booths set up by of domestic workers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and Myanmar competed with their best signature home dishes for the champion title.

Reporters for Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore) interviewed Filipino participant Emily Cortez Langido, 46, who had a retail and catering business in the Philippines prior to her arrival in Singapore in 2005 in order to provide a better life for her four children.

Having served seven families of Chinese, Indian and European origin, Langido could serve up different kinds of cuisines.

During the food fair, Langido and her teammates prepared grilled satay, seafood and sticky rice, which won the hearts of many visitors.

Her current employer, Nadege Schmidt, 41, a French working mother who has worked in Singapore for 14 years, spoke highly of Langido, who gave her a big helping hand in looking after two young children. She also liked her taking part in FAST activities during Sundays.

Langido told reporters that she preferred working for foreign employers as they generally respected the privacy of their maids and were supportive of her educational pursuits.

Previously she completed a diploma in hotel management with the help and sponsorship of her former British employer. Now she has completed a class on starting a business and is attending baking classes at FAST.

Since her children have grown up, Langido said she would continue to work and study in Singapore.

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