A 32-year-old Indonesian caregiver believed to have tried to “escape” from her employer was found dead early on Saturday at a high-end residential building in Taichung City, Taiwan.

On the morning of November 18, a female employer surnamed Lin sought help from the building’s security team as her foreign domestic caregiver, named Panti, who had worked in Taiwan for a year, was missing from her apartment on the 11th floor of the block on Longmen 1st Street in Taichung’s Xitun district, China Times reported on the weekend.

The woman was later identified and found lying unconscious with either no breathing or pulse on a balcony of an apartment on the second floor, along with bags of her belongings such as clothes and shoes.

A preliminary police investigation ruled out the possibility of foul play, as the victim was believed to have fallen from high up while climbing down from her employer’s home on the 11th floor to the ground in a bid to avoid being caught by security if she took the lift or staircase.

Police learned that the employer’s family caught the Indonesian woman trying to run away a few days ago before the incident, so the building’s security team had been notified to help keep an eye out to check on her whereabouts.

Lin recently filed a complaint to the employment agency and wanted to send the domestic caregiver away, as she was seen talking on the phone or giving excuses to meet up friends “too often”, as well as allegedly lacking motivation to take care of the elderly.

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