Taoyuan District Court in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino migrant worker was jailed for 40 days – or allowed to pay a fine of NT$40,000 (US$1,331) instead – by Taoyuan District Court in Taiwan after sharing a copy of video that showed two Filipina workers chatting while having a bath, which was meant to be shared with good friends.

In May 2016, two Filipina migrant workers spent time at a hostel in Taoyuan during a vacation. While bathing, the pair did a live broadcast and chatted with close friends via a social media platform, The Liberty Times reported on the weekend.

Though they were discreet and avoided filming their private parts, one accidentally showed her left breast while turning around during the broadcast.

Later, the pair found that their private video had been copied, edited with versions of different duration and shared online without their consent, prompting them to seek help from the police.

Officers tracked the internet “footprint” and arrested a netizen who shared the 13-minute clip on his social media account and noted that they should be careful as filming bathing videos might have adverse impacts for other Filipina.

The arrested man, a 42-year-old Filipino, admitted sharing the video. However, he told police he did not know it contained indecent content as he had not finished watching all the 13 minutes.

The two victims said they did not know the suspect, nor were they ‘friends’ on Facebook, the social media platform on which it was shared.

Taoyuan District Court ruled that the defendant did not respect their privacy by distributing an unauthorized copy of a non-public video, which caused distress to the two women. Given that he pleaded guilty, he was jailed for 40 days – or could pay a fine of NT$40,000 (US$1,331).

Taoyuan police said they would continue to hunt for the suspect who conducted the unauthorized copy of the private video.

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