Tamsui Precinct of the New Taipei City Government Police. Department. Photo: Google Maps

Taiwan police arrested six Vietnamese runaway migrant workers on Saturday night. Three, aged between 26 and 30, had allegedly participated in an attempted assault on a 24-year-old compatriot earlier the same day in Tamsui, New Taipei City.

The Real Daily reports that the victim, who was a legal foreign worker specializing in electroplating, met friends at a Vietnamese restaurant on Section 3 of Danjin Road, in Tamsui District, on the afternoon of October 29.

Three other Vietnamese men, who were also diners at the restaurant, overheard the victim and took exception to his heavy central Vietnamese accent. A preliminary investigation by Tamsui police found that they thought he was mocking them.

As a result, the three suspects hit the victim with wooden rods and bricks they picked up randomly from the streets, causing injuries to his head and eyes. Fortunately these were only minor lacerations.

On the evening of the same day the police successfully tracked the three suspects down at a serviced apartment building in the Gongpuzi area of Tamsui District, where they were residing. Officers arrested the three, along with another three Vietnamese nationals who were confirmed as runaway workers.

All six suspects are alleged to be in violation of Taiwan’s Immigration Act. Three were referred to the Shihlin District Prosecutors Office over their alleged participation in assaulting their compatriot.