Taichung City Police Bureau in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taichung City Police Bureau in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A couple reported a 37-year-old domestic caregiver from Indonesia to Taiwan police after she was caught on a closed-circuit-TV camera abusing their 91-year-old mother on several times over five days.

The elderly woman was said to have needed intensive care because of her old age and the fact she had parts of her skull removed after a car crash 35 years ago. The woman had become weak and bedridden after a stroke and feeding via a nasogastric tube over the past decade, Taiwan Apple Daily reported, citing the woman’s daughter-in-law.

An Indonesian maid named Shamina, thought to be helpful and reliable, was hired three years ago to look after the old lady.

But with cash disappearing frequently from home recently, the employer installed some closed-circuit television cameras at different spots in the home to try to get proof or clues about the thief.

To their dismay, the couple found instead that their maid beat their mother. The video showed that the caregiver hit the old mother’s head and pulled her legs roughly several times. On one occasion, she blew her nose on a shirt before putting it on the elderly woman after a shower.

Shamina admitted last Tuesday that she hit the old woman, but said it was her first time she had hit her head. She could not say why she had done that.

Police in Taichung City arrested the domestic caregiver for allegedly causing bodily harm.

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