Changi General Hospital in Tampines, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Changi General Hospital in Tampines, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

An employer has warned citizens in Singapore to beware of taxi drivers ripping off foreign workers after learning his maid was overcharged for a ride from Tampines to Punggol.

The maid’s employer surnamed Cho wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday afternoon that his maid arrived home by taxi needing to pay S$10 (US$7.30) more than he had estimated for the ride, Shin Min Daily News reported over the weekend.

Earlier that day, the maid was handed S$20 by Cho, who wanted his maid to be able to take a taxi home after sending his elderly father to Changi General Hospital in Tampines.

However, the receipt the maid obtained showed the driver had travelled 26.5 kilometers and charged her S$23.70 for the 48-minute trip.

A reporter who investigated this said the concerned route should be about 14.6 kilometers and should take 24 minutes and cost S$13.38.

Some netizens replied to Cho, saying the maid might have said the name of her destination wrongly – or she might have dropped by to meet someone before going home.

The employer dismissed both claims, saying he had full trust in his worker, and she was given a note with the names of locations.

So, Cho filed a complaint to the taxi company, stressing he did not mean to get the concerned driver fired but wanted to highlight taxi malpractice because it was a matter of honesty.

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