Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island.Photo: HK Government
Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island. Photo: HK Government

Hong Kong Disneyland sent lovers of free stuff into a frenzy on Tuesday as over a million people entered a computer draw for 50,000 free tickets.

The winners, drawn at random, received a free one-day ticket to enter the park next year, according to Headline Daily.

Winning tickets are non-transferable and not for re-sale, and must be used during the redemption period specified.

The theme park launched its online lucky draw on November 8, prompting over 1 million Hong Kong residents to try their luck over 10 days.

Partcipants were given a reference number on registering. The winning numbers were as follows:

1000000000HK – 1999999999HK
2000000000HK – 2999999999HK
3000000000HK – 3999999999HK
4000000000HK – 4999999999HK
5000000000HK – 5999999999HK
6000000000HK – 6999999999HK
7000000000HK – 7999999999HK
8000000000HK – 8999999999HK
9000000000HK – 9999999999HK

Besides publication of the numbers on the park’s official website, winners were sent a notification email.

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