Xi Jinping is served tea as he delivers a speech during the opening session of the 19th party congress Tuesday morning. Photo: Reuters / Aly Song

China will be transformed into a modern socialist country by 2035 and a more powerful country by 2050, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party, has predicted.

The next two to three years – till 2020 – would be a critical period for China to become moderately prosperous, Xi said in a three-hour opening speech at the party’s 19th National Congress in Beijing on Wednesday, citing his “China Dream.”

The country would continue to push forward economic, political, cultural, social and environmental developments by putting effort into scientific research, talent training and innovation, Xi said. It must properly manage key risks, fight against poverty and reduce pollution, he said.

Helping the country to become a moderately prosperous society would be a key milestone for the party, which was established in 1921, he said.

“We should work hard for the next 15 years between 2020 to 2035 to basically realize the socialist modernization,” Xi said.

By 2035, China would be a key innovative country with strong economic and scientific power, as well as a law-based country, he said. Chinese people’s livelihoods would improve further, while the income disparity between people living in rural and urban areas would be reduced.

“From 2035, we will then work hard for another 15 years to transform China into a prosperous, powerful, democratic, harmonious and beautiful socialist modern country,” Xi said.

At that time, China would see its economic, political, spiritual, social and environment civilization at an advanced level and become an influential country in the world, he said. Chinese people would be able to keep their heads up.

To become a powerful country by the middle of this century would be another key milestone for the New China, which was a goal of the Communist Party in 1949, Xi said. He called for the whole party to work hard for this “China Dream”.

On Wednesday, some 2,280 CPC representatives were due to attend the opening of the 19th Party Congress. They represent 450 sub-units of the party and the 89 million party members.

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