Wind power in the mountains. Photo: iStock
Wind power in the mountains. Photo: iStock

China’s wind power industry will be independent from government subsidies in three to five years, said Liang Zhipeng, deputy director of the New and Renewable Energy Bureau at the National Energy Bureau, Caixin reported.

The total energy generated from wind electricity, photovoltaic systems and hydropower accounted for 70% of the new instalment over the first three quarters of 2017, but the price of wind and photovoltaic energy are still too high and rely on subsidies to develop.

The government believes wind power could be self-sufficient ahead of photovoltaic by 2020 or 2022.

Though China’s total wind power reached 154 million kilowatts as of June 2017, nearly triple the figure from 2012, the usage rate is quite low. Many wind turbines are halted and idle, because local power grids have failed to adapt the power.

The central government has written the problem into its Work Report for the first time this year, urging local governments, electricity generators and power grid firms to increase the usage of renewable energy.