Merlion Park in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Merlion Park in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 37-year-old Indonesian woman hired as a domestic worker in Singapore since 2010 was sacked by her latest employer, who allegedly found – via a chat history on the maid’s mobile phone – that she was engaged in sex work on her days off.

A working mother of two surnamed Chen, who had given birth to her second son in October last year, hired the Indonesian domestic helper, whose name was not known, in June to take care of household chores so her mother-in-law could concentrate on looking after the 8-month-old grandson, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported over the weekend.

The Indonesian maid was said to have worked efficiently during the first two months. However, she was seen to frequently sneak out to her mobile phones and allegedly damaged items while cleaning without admitting that to the employer’s mother-in-law.

A drastic change in her temperament was noted after her weekly days off, as she often wore heavy make-up and returned home late. That resulted in her failing to work on time the next day, as she allegedly overslept and rarely let go of her cellphone.

On September 26, Chen took the opportunity to check on her mobile phone while the maid was having a shower. She allegedly discovered text messages to and from at least four male migrant workers regarding the possibility of having sex. The maid also asked the men to cover her cellphone top-up expenses.

Two days later, Chen, together with a relative, reported the situation to the employment agency, which terminated the maid’s work contract and promised to send her home as soon as possible.

When the maid was asked to leave, she allegedly did not ask why – but admitted to Chen that she was casual about her relationships, her employer told the newspaper.

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