Photos: Wikipedia, MK2010, YouTube
Photos: Wikipedia, MK2010, YouTube

A couple have drawn criticism from netizens for putting themselves in danger by climbing to the top of a crane at a construction site on Hong Kong Island, and posting a video of their feat.

Others, however, praised the video, which showed the beauty of Hong Kong and the courage of the couple.

The four-minute video clip surfaced on social media early this month in which the couple, named Angela and Ivan, climbed to the top of the crane without safety measures, Sing Tao Daily reported.

The location of the construction site was identified as being on Hong Kong Island, as the background of the video showed International Finance Centre in Central and Victoria Harbour.

The couple were seen standing on the crane’s steel bars, waving to a drone camera with their feet stretched out in the air.

Some netizens slammed the couple’s behavior as there could have been an accident, as they were not wearing safety belts.

One netizen hit out at the couple for not appreciating the importance of life.

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