Section 1 of Xinren Road, Taichung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An 80-year-old man with dementia who went missing after his caregiver left him alone while rushing home to use the toilet was found lying in the pouring rain, after which paramedics declared him to be in generally good health despite his ordeal.

The elderly man, who suffers from dementia and other illnesses, is usually attended by a foreign caregiver who was hired by his daughter, Taiwan Times reported on Tuesday.

While the man and his caregiver were in Dali district of Taichung, Taiwan, she urgently needed the toilet, but none were available in the area. So she hurried home, leaving the old man alone on the street.

When she came back, he was nowhere to be seen, and she immediately alerted the family. Police officers from Wufeng Precinct were called in for assistance.

A citizen reported spotting an elderly man lying in pouring rain on the doorsteps of a factory in Section 1 of Xinren Road in Taichung. As he was severely cold because of the inclement weather, paramedics were called.

They reported that he was fine as a whole, and he was allowed to go home with his daughter.