Baoding in Hebei province Photo: Google Maps
Baoding in Hebei province Photo: Google Maps

Hebei Construction Group, based in Baoding city in northern China’s Hebei province, plans to boost its construction capacity by five times to meet the rising demand from development in Xiong’an New Area, which is supported by the central government.

The company previously set up a new office in Xiong’an New Area, aiming to become one of the biggest prefabricated-building construction firms in the country, Gao Qiuli, vice president of Hebei Construction, told in an interview.

By 2020, the company’s construction capacity could reach 3 million square meters annually, about five times the existing level, he said.

He said prefabricated building is more environmental friendly than traditional construction and can include more high-end components.

Many local universities have done a lot of research on prefabricated-building technology but they lack practical skills in real construction projects, Gao said, adding that Hebei Construction can help them commercialize their research.