Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Pier in Lei Yue Mun, Kowloon. Photo: Google Maps

A 26-year-old woman reported to Hong Kong police that she suspected her boyfriend had attempted suicide by jumping into the sea on Wednesday, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

The woman and her 47-year-old boyfriend had a quarrel over the phone at 5am, Apple Daily reported, adding that the man suggested to her over the phone and on WhatsApp that he would jump into the sea to end his life.

The woman started worrying for his safety but was unable to get in contact with him.

When she tracked the Global Positioning System signal of the man’s phone, it showed he was in the waters off the Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Pier in Lei Yue Mun, Kowloon.

The woman immediately called the police and went to the pier together with the man’s mother.

Officers from the underwater search unit were deployed but could not find the man in the sea.

Meanwhile, the GPS signal changed and showed that the man was on Cho Yuen Street in Yau Tong, about 300 meters  from the ferry pier.

The man was found sleeping on a park bench. He was unhurt.

Francis Fong, honorary president of the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation, said the inaccuracy of the GPS positioning was due to the lack of base stations in the area, especially near the seashore.