An employee works on the assembly line of the Nissan Micra at the Renault SA car factory in Flins, near Paris, France. Photo: Reuters/Benoit Tessier

Investors have turned more optimistic that companies will be investing in the region’s continued economic upturn, according to a new survey from Fitch Ratings.

78% of respondents in the Europe Senior Fixed-Income Survey 4Q17 said that corporates will boost investment in plants and machinery, a rise of more than 20% over those who felt so in Q1.

Investors did not agree on the outlook for Brexit, with 28% believing that the UK will still be part of the EU in 2020, up from 6% at the start of the year. Only 39% of respondents were optimistic that the UK and Europe would come to a mutually accepted agreement and single market transition agreement by March 2019.