Tianzhong Police Precinct, Changhua county, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Tianzhong Police Precinct, Changhua county, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An argument between an employer and a migrant worker became physical during a supposedly happy celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival last Saturday night in Changhua county, central Taiwan.

On that day, a 43-year-old Taiwanese factory boss surnamed Lai arranged a barbecue party for a dozen of his workers to enjoy a relaxing evening, The Real Daily reported on Friday.

However, one of the workers, a 33-year-old Vietnamese man, did not want to join the party, and was beaten up by Lai, who was reportedly drunk.

It was alleged that the worker had used foul language against Lai, which angered the boss.

At 9:43pm, police from Tianzhong Precinct arrived at the factory on Xinglao Road and found the victim with a nosebleed, but no one – Taiwanese or migrant workers – would tell the officers what had happened.

Lai surrendered himself to the police officers, admitting that he had attacked the Vietnamese man.

However, neither Lai nor the worker pressed charges against each other for assault, so the police did not take any further action.

The police later learned from the victim’s employment agency that the Vietnamese man had been invited by Lai to settle the issues between them.

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