Kennedy Road in Central, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A 33-year-old domestic worker was knocked down by a vehicle in Central on Hong Kong Island while crossing the road on Sunday.

The incident occurred at 9am when a 41-year-old local man surnamed Cheung was driving along Kennedy Road towards Wan Chai and the maid suddenly crossed the road – only to be hit by Cheung’s car, Oriental Daily reported.

The maid was knocked to the ground. But a woman passing by immediately ran up and helped her.

Paramedics arrived and sent the maid to the hospital. She was found to have suffered an ankle twist and a bone fracture.

The accident was captured by a dashboard camera on a taxi that was behind Cheung’s car. The video clip shows the maid stepping off the kerb in a bid to cross three lanes but being hit by a small white car.

The taxi driver said the maid was still conscious after being knocked over and quickly yelled for help.

He said there were many people who didn’t follow traffic rules when crossing the road around that area.

The identity and nationality of the maid was not known at the time of going to press.

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