Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

Indian army commanders are set to discuss military preparedness along the border with China, the Hindu reports, little over a month after the two sides stood down from their three month-long standoff in Doklam.

Citing sources in the Indian security establishment, the report says China has amassed between 1,500 to 1,700 People’s Liberation Army troops a few hundred meters from the standoff site. The disputed Doklam area is nestled at or near the tri-border of China, India and Bhutan, depending on who you speak with.

Ahead of the September BRICS summit held in the Chinese city of Xiamen, the country’s state media reported that India had backed down from the standoff, removing troops from the area at the behest of Beijing. Indian media reported that both sides agreed to pull back as part of whatever deal was struck behind closed doors.

Indian defense ministry officials previously claimed that only around 300 Chinese soldiers were in the area. “There has been no change in the levels since the end of the standoff. Since then, the Chinese troops have only pulled back 300-400 meters,” the Hindu quoted a senior Army officer as saying.

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