Potential track of Khanun. Photo: Hong Kong Observatory
Potential track of Khanun. Photo: Hong Kong Observatory

The Hong Kong Observatory says a tropical depression currently to the east of the Philippines will intensify gradually and will move closest to Hong Kong on Sunday.

The weather forecaster at the Observatory said the cyclone, which will be named “Khanun” once it is officially classified as a tropical storm,  would move across Luzon, enter the South China Sea and intensify in the next couple of days, Apple Daily reported.

According to the potential track, Khanun will come within 800 kilometers of Hong Kong on Friday night and move west. It will be classified as a severe tropical storm on Sunday, when it will be around 450 kilometers from Hong Kong.

Weather in the city will turn bad with heavy rain and squalls starting on Saturday, the Observatory predicts.

As the maximum sustained wind velocity near the center of the storm could reach 110km/h, which is equal to the No 3 “strong wind” signal, the Observatory advised people to be extra cautious if they participate in water sports on Sunday.

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