Executive Yuan, Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Executive Yuan, Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The first draft of amendments for the Taiwanese government’s controversial five-day-workweek policy will be announced by next month, Premier William Lai Ching-te said at a meeting of the Executive Yuan on Thursday.

In response to slowing economic growth, Lai said the government  would hold five media conferences beginning on November 6 on how to tackle the island’s five shortages – of electricity, water, land, manpower and talent – faced by manufacturers, United Daily News reported.

By mid-November, the first draft amendment on the five-day-week policy centering on enhancing labor rights and safety, as well as maintaining enterprises’ flexibility in running their business, will then be announced.

Since the end of September, the Ministry of Labor has been arranging seminars for representatives of both employers and workers to discuss six central issues that need to be included in the upcoming draft  amendment.

They are extra compensation for working on rest days, calculation of compensated rest days, the possibility of postponing the use of special rest days, the rule of issuing one leave day after six consecutive workdays, the upper limit for working extra hours, and fine-tuning the policy for industries requiring shift duties.

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