R Seis do Bairro Iao Hon in Macau. Photo: Google Maps
R Seis do Bairro Iao Hon in Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Police have arrested a woman, 46, on suspicion that she attacked her husband with a kitchen knife after tying him up with shoelaces in Macau on the weekend.

The suspect surnamed Tran is a domestic worker from Vietnam. At 1am on Sunday, she had an argument with her Vietnamese husband, who is 38, at an dormitory on R Seis do Bairro Iao Hon in Macau, according to a press briefing by Macau police.

The couple had a fight the night before as the woman suspected her husband, a cleaning worker, was having extramarital affairs. It was understood that the man slapped Tran during the argument, Jornal Do Cidadao reported.

The husband then got drunk and was sleeping when the suspect used shoelaces to tie his hands and feet up, stabbed his penis with a kitchen knife before running away.

The man woke up in great pain – and finding himself bleeding, he called for help immediately.

Police arrived and the husband was sent to hospital for medical treatment.

Police found a knife in a rubbish bin in the kitchen and arrested the suspect in Taipa at 10am on Sunday. She faces a charge of aggravated harm to bodily integrity, Macau Daily News reported.

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