Yunlin County Police Bureau, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Yunlin County Police Bureau, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Two Indonesian migrant workers who were intercepted by police for identity checks at a convenience store in Yunlin county, western Taiwan, were arrested after they admitted they had been on the run from their employers for two years.

Three officers from Yunlin County Police Bureau intercepted the two women in the town of Beigang, The Commons Daily reported on Tuesday.

Knowing their chances of getting away were slim, the women admitted they were fugitives who had sought accommodation from four friends, also migrant workers, in that neighborhood.

The police then arrested the four friends – two men and two women – who also turned out to be runaways, having fled from their former employers during the first year in Taiwan.

The workers said that among the reasons they had run away were poor employer-employee relationships and unsatisfactory working environments.

According to Taiwan Great News, police were investigating whether the landlord of the unit where they were staying knew their identities but had held that information back from police.