CDE executive director Shamsul Kamar (left) and Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say hold a photograph shot by Tan Chuan-Jin. Photo: Facebook / Shamsul Kamar

Five photographs by Tan Chuan-Jin, the Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore, have succeeded in securing S$50,000 (US$37,000) for the Domestic Employees Welfare Fund (DEWF) of the Center for Domestic Employees (CDE), a non-governmental organization in the city-state.

Tan revealed that photography was one of his few remaining hobbies and that it had been helpful in raising funds for various causes, Shin Min Daily News reported, citing Tan’s Facebook page.

The five images were taken by Tan in Luang Prabang in northern Laos, Mount Cook in New Zealand, and the Lake District of northwestern England.

The money raised will be handed over as humanitarian aid to distressed domestic workers.

Separately on September 15, more than S$185,000 was raised from a charity golf and dinner event attended by more than 150 guests, Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore) reported.

The CDE aims to raise S$200,000 for the DEWF by year-end.