Alishan Township, Chiayi, Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Yiken
Alishan Township, Chiayi, Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Yiken

Taiwan police were searching for two Vietnamese who fled after a carload of suspected illegal loggers was intercepted. On the night of August 27-28, police attempted to detain two Taiwanese men and three Vietnamese workers on suspicion of illegal logging in the Alishan Mountains of Chiayi county, southern Taiwan, but two of the Vietnamese escaped arrest.

Late on Sunday, a 20-year-old Taiwanese man surnamed Lin had been spotted driving a Mercedes-Benz carrying a second Taiwanese man surnamed Wei and the three Vietnamese, heading to remote parts of the Alishan National Scenic Area, ET News reported on Thursday.

Around midnight at Taihe village, police intercepted the vehicle, and the passengers jumped out and tried to flee. The two Taiwanese and one of the Vietnamese were arrested, but the other two Vietnamese disappeared into the dark.

Two hinoki cypress logs, eight grams of amphetamine and an inhaler for the illegal drug were seized along with the arrest of the trio, China Daily News reported.

Lin told the police that he had intended to spend some time with a friend in Fenqihu in Chiayi county, where they bumped into three foreign migrant workers and agreed to take them down the hill.

However, the Vietnamese man nabbed by police claimed that Lin and the other Taiwanese man had actually taken them uphill to help with an illegal logging operation.

Police continue to look for the two fugitives.