The driver is seen near his taxi in Yuen Long in the New Territories on Wednesday. Photo: Facebook, 生於亂世

A video showing a driver holding an iron rod and threatening a couple to get out of his taxi has gone viral on social media.

The incident was captured by a Britain named Dave as he walked to the intersection of Kau Yuk Road and Yan Lok Square in Yuen Long in the New Territories on Wednesday night, reported.

On the video the middle-aged taxi driver is seen standing on the pavement with an iron rod in his hand, swearing loudly at the couple, sitting in the taxi, and threatening to hit them.

The couple were frightened and got out the car on the other side. The taxi driver was then seen chasing after them, continuing to scold them.

The woman had difficulty walking and was crying.

Dave said he talked to the couple later and found out that the driver may have misunderstood where they wanted to go – only to find it was just a too short distance.

The driver became emotional and threatened to hit them if they didn’t get out of his cab.

Dave posted the video on social media and said the incident made him both angry and sad for the couple, who were victims of the man’s abuse.

On Thursday, Dave reported the case to the Transport Department and on Friday he handed the video to police for further investigation, Apple Daily reported.

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