South Korean F-15s participate with the US Air Force in joint exercises. Photo: Kamaile Casillas / Pacific Air Forces / DVIDS / Handout via Reuters

UPI reports that South Korea has successfully tested an infrared anti-missile jamming device that can be used in launching a “beheading” operation against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The indigenously developed system known as Directional Infrared Counter Measures or DIRCM, reportedly protects aircraft from infrared homing, or “heat-seeking” missiles. It can be mounted on an aircraft used by commandos, such as the tactical version of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, to confuse incoming enemy missiles so they miss their target.

The device also reportedly helps a plane evade radar detection so it can get behind enemy lines.

A South Korean military official told a local newspaper, Kyunghyang Shinmun, that the DIRCM was tested in July and yielded desirable results. The military intends to install the DIRCM on all tactical transport planes by 2018.

The device was successfully tested against dozens of guided missiles, according to the South Korean press report.

South Korea confirmed in September 2016 that it has contingency plans to remove Kim Jong-un in the event of a nuclear attack against the South.

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