Yong Kang Police Substation in Tainan City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Yong Kang Police Substation in Tainan City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Vietnamese migrant worker who attempted to buy over NT$60,000 (nearly US$2,000) worth of credit for online games at a convenience store in Tainan City was stopped by an employee who suspected the man may fall victim to fraud.

The Vietnamese man, who was in his forties, visited a convenience store in Yong Kang district last Friday evening to buy NT$63,000 (US$2,089) worth of online game credit, China Daily News reported.

But the employee on duty at the convenience shop, surnamed Hong, was stunned by such an abnormally large purchase. So, he politely asked the migrant worker what he planned to do with so much credit.

The man hesitated and started stammering, which prompted Hong to report the case to police.

The Vietnamese man told police that a colleague had informed him via LINE, a mobile message service, he could relay money to his wife in Vietnam by first sending him online game credit. He would then help relay the money by converting the credit into cash.

Officers then warned the man he could have been targeted by a fraud ring which had hacked into his friend’s LINE account in the hope of swindling Vietnamese nationals.

The man was also briefed by the online game firm, which said there would be no way to convert game credit back into cash. He ended up thanking the convenience store employee, saying his savings would have been cheated away and lost.