Yunlin County Police Department in western Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Vietnamese migrant worker who was on the run was arrested by police on Saturday morning – in a public graveyard in Yunlin in western Taiwan, where he had reportedly resided for five months.

At 5am on Saturday, a foreign man who was acting suspiciously inside a public graveyard on Industrial Road in Xijing Village, Shuilin, was intercepted by two officers from Shuilin Precinct, The Commons Daily reported over the weekend.

The man was reportedly uncooperative, saying he did not bring any identification document. That prompted the officers to take him to the station for further inquiries.

The suspect later admitted to the police that he came to Taiwan from Vietnam to be a production-line worker in factories, but said he found it hard to adjust and adapt.

Given that he wanted to earn more money, the Vietnamese worker decided to run away and worked doing different part-time jobs illegally for the past five months.

The precinct chief appealed to the public, especially to farm owners, not to hire people with suspicious identities or runaway migrant workers during the peak season for harvesting, saying it was against the law.