Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Chspf
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Chspf

The Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has reminded kindergartens to adopt a fair and inclusive admission policy for ethnic minorities.

Non-Chinese parents have complained to the commission about their difficulties in finding suitable kindergarten places for their children in Hong Kong, according to a release on the EOC website.

Many kindergartens only provide information in Chinese, while interviews for the children are conducted in Cantonese. Some kindergartens allegedly point ethnic minorities toward other schools with high concentrations of non-Chinese students even if parents want their kids to benefit from a Chinese-language environment.

Under the Race Discrimination Ordinance, it is unlawful for an educational establishment to refuse to accept a student’s application for admission on the grounds of race or the language they use, Oriental Daily reported.

Kindergartens are also advised to provide bilingual information on their websites for ethnic-minority parents.

If parents or students face discriminatory practices during the process of kindergarten admissions, they can lodge a complaint with the EOC.