Maxim's Cake Shop. Photo: Wikipedia
Maxim's Cake Shop. Photo: Wikipedia

At least three cases of moldy mooncakes purchased from Maxim’s Cake Shop have been reported to Hong Kong media. A Mr Man bought 30 mooncake coupons for HK$183 (US$23) each in July and redeemed one of them for a box of white lotus-seed-paste mooncakes last week in Long Ping Estate in Yung Long, New Territories, Apple Daily reported.

When Man opened the box, he found mold on the  surface and bottom of the mooncakes.

He filed a complaint to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) and asked Maxim’s to refund the rest of his  coupons, but it refused.

The company finally compensated Man with another box of mooncakes and two cake coupons, but he said he would not buy Maxim’s mooncakes next year.

The FEHD said an inspection team sent to the cake shop had found its hygiene standards satisfactory.

In another case, a customer bought Maxim’s mooncakes at a duty-free shop at Hong Kong International Airport on September 16, while on Sunday, a mainland Chinese man obtained a box of cakes in Chung Ying Street, which is on the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Oriental Daily reported. Both complained of mold on the mooncakes.

Maxim’s said it suspected the packaging had been damaged or the cakes were damaged during transportation. It said it would follow up both complaints.

Mooncakes are a traditional Chinese delicacy enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on October 4 this year.