Fengshan Precinct in Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Fengshan Precinct in Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwanese man who snatched a handbag from a Filipina cyclist last month was arrested in a rural part of Kaohsiung in Taiwan on Saturday by police, who used the latest license-plate-recognition system to track him down.

On August 28, the Filipino woman, who is employed as a domestic worker, was riding her bicycle in Fengshan district in southern Kaohsiung, with her belongings placed in the front basket, The Real Daily reported on Monday.

At 12:38pm, as she arrived at the intersection of Wensheng and Huatai streets, a male motorcyclist suddenly came close. He snatched and fled with the victim’s red handbag, which contained NT$3,000 (US$100) in cash and her work permit.

The China Times said the maid was shocked at the theft and needed help from her employer to filed a report to police about the theft.

Police officers at Fengshan Precinct reviewed closed-circuit television footage from the scene and identified the motorbike involved in the incident. They discovered that it traveled past a section of Jingwu Road daily, according to the city’s license-plate-recognition system, which is still being tested.

At 9:26pm, the police pursued and arrested the motorcyclist. The man, surnamed Wu and aged 39, later took officers to a spot where the victim’s handbag and work permit were both recovered.

Wu admitted to police that he robbed the Filipina, saying he was desperately in need of money last month.

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