Representational image: The Indian Express
Representational image: The Indian Express

Government schools in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district have been directed to require students to answer roll calls with “Jai Hind” instead of the usual “Yes, sir” or “Yes, madam” from October 1, Education Minister Vijay Shah announced on Tuesday.

The new response will be used on an experimental basis in schools in Satna and gradually extended to other districts, ANI reported. 

Shah said:  “I have a military background; my grandfathers have been in the army. And whenever they come to meet, they always say ‘Jai Hind,’ which I think is a way of respecting your nation, and the feeling of love for your country is shown through this gesture.”

If “Jai Hind” is successful, the minister said he will request that it be implemented across all schools in the state, both public and private. 

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