MacauPhoto: Google Maps, Brenden Brain
Macau Photo: Google Maps, Brenden Brain

A lawmaker has called for the Macau government to open up the market for more Chinese maids to work in Macau.

Mak Soi-kun, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Macau, sent out written questions on Thursday to request that the government to allow more Chinese maids to work in the former Portuguese enclave, Tai Chung Pou reported.

Mak said many people in Macau welcomed the policy announced early this year calling for no limit on the number of Chinese maids from Fujian and Guangdong provinces to be permitted to work in Macau.

The policy helped many families to lessen their burdens and allowed many women to rejoin the workforce.

As more and more mainlanders from various provinces invested and stayed in Macau, however, these investors wanted helpers from provinces other than Fujian and Guangdong, due to different cultural customs, Jornal Do Cidadao reported.

Mak said the Macau government should expand the number of provinces that people can come from to be maids in the enclave.