An expressway in Guangzhou, China. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Aimaimyi

Two Hong Kong people were killed and nine injured in a coach crash in Nansha district in China’s Guangdong province on Monday night.

A tour bus taking 43 middle-aged and elderly Hong Kong people crashed into a lorry on an expressway near Nansha district in Guangzhou South at about 10pm, Apple Daily reported.

A 61-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman died, while nine people aged from 37 to 72 were injured and had to stay in a hospital on the mainland for treatment.

The remaining 32 passengers have returned to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong tour group was heading back to Futian Port after a day trip to Panyu when the accident happened, Oriental Daily reported.

The front of the coach was seriously damaged in the crash.

A passenger said the lorry was hard to see because it was not flashing its tail lights on the expressway, Radio Television Hong Kong reported.