A new partnership between Google and Chinese phone maker Xiaomi will see its first product launch on Tuesday, when the Mi A1 dual-camera device goes on sale in India.

The renewed effort to get traction in India for Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s signature Android One project comes after the initial 2014 launch failed to get much buy-in from consumers in the market.

Xiaomi’s Mi A1 allows Google to tap into a sweet-spot price point, a shift urged by SoftBank, according to Bloomberg:

Xiaomi’s new phone is aimed at the middle market, reaching fewer Indian buyers but avoiding the intensely fought-over low end, where brand affiliation matters less and margins are thin. It was SoftBank Group Corp. that convinced Google to move away from cheap gadgets, Android Vice President Jamie Rosenberg said. In the past year, the Japanese company announced it would carry phones running Android One specifications for between $200 and $500 apiece in its own stores.