The Paragon shopping center, Orchard Road, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

Since the beginning of the year, the Singapore government has received 10 complaints regarding hawking on sidewalks outside Lucky Plaza, a shopping center on Orchard Road, after which five foreign nationals were barred from such activities by the authorities.

From 8am-1pm every Sunday, crowds of domestic workers have been seen apparently selling clothes and handbags, and even providing beauty services such as nail-polishing and hair-styling, outside Lucky Plaza, according to a September 18 exclusive report by Shin Min Daily News.

A 50-year-old household-goods vendor at the mall told the paper that the illegal business of buying and selling in the streets had been reduced but not yet ended, as some of the workers had moved this past Sunday to streets near The Paragon, another shopping center 100 meters from Lucky Plaza.

According to a spokesman for the National Environment Agency of Singapore, the authorities began taking action upon receiving complaints regarding suspected hawking activities in the area.

Cases involving five foreigners who were caught illegally selling clothes and accessories on the streets have been handled by the agency since the beginning of the year. The spokesman advised the public not to buy from street hawkers.

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