Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Four men were arrested for exchanging fake gaming chips for a genuine one in a casino in Macau on Sunday.

The four men, aged from 27 to 35, are all workers from the Philippines, Today Macao reported.

One of the men found 66 gaming chips with a face value of HK$10,000 (US$1,281) in a plastic bag on the street. He told his three compatriots and they decided to go the casino in Cotai to see if they could be  exchanged.

At 3pm on Sunday, the four went to the casino and exchanged the fake chips with real ones at a cashier and on gaming tables.

Two of them successfully exchanged real gaming chips worth HK$40,000 and left. But when the other two went to exchange fake chips at the cashier, staff discovered that the duo had used bogus chips.

Police arrived and arrested the pair as several fake chips had been found.

The other two men who left the casino turned themselves in on Monday.

Meanwhile, police received a report from the same casino that 14 fake gaming chips were found on Saturday, Exmoo News reported.

Police believe that all the fake chips came from the same batch and were used by the same group of suspects. They were continuing to investigate the case, officials said.

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