South Horizons, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps
South Horizons, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A 28-year-old Filipino domestic worker was injured in a struggle with a burglar she surprised in an apartment in the South Horizons estate on Hong Kong Island on Friday.

At 11am, when the domestic worker returned to the apartment on the 24th floor of Block 16 in South Horizons in Aberdeen after grocery shopping, she found the burglar searching the master bedroom, Apple Daily reported. The culprit threatened the maid with a knife.

As the maid attempted to escape, her left hand was cut by the knife in a struggle with the burglar. She rushed to the bathroom and locked herself inside before calling her 41-year-old employer, who called the police. The burglar fled.

The maid was sent to hospital for medical treatment.

Police cordoned off the building and used dogs to search for the suspect, but no one was found.

After examining surveillance video, police suspected that either the burglar had used a bump key to pick the lock and break into the apartment or the maid had not closed the door properly.

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