Hsiaoai Jenai Charity Home in Pingtung in southern Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 47-year-old Filipina who was first hired as a cleaner has become a professional caregiver winning hearts and praise from elderly people at a nursing home in Pingtung, in southern Taiwan.

The Filipina Vena has professional qualifications as a nurse and that was the work she did for two years prior to her arrival in Taiwan as a domestic helper years ago. Later, she married a Taiwanese man and became a full-time housewife taking care of the man and his son, China Times reported.

About two years ago, her husband had fallen ill, so Vena decided to go back to work – as a cleaner at Hsiaoai Jenai Charity Home in Pingtung, after taking bridging courses and getting a successful referral from the government’s Chaozhou Employment Service Center.

Since then she has helped caregivers with various tasks and won high praise from the elderly patients. Indeed, Vena was nominated by the charity home to pursue a professional home-nursing course. And after doing that, she was promoted as a caregiver with a better salary.

Vena said she had greater job satisfaction as her new duties enabled her to recall good memories of her early days as a nurse. They also made good use of her skills in looking after needy elderly patients, according to a report by the Central News Agency.

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