BJP chief Amit Shah speaks at his party's national executive meeting on Monday in New Delhi. Photo: NDTV

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah lashed out at Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi on Monday in response to a comment the Congress vice-president recently made in the United States regarding the role “dynasties” – family connections – play in launching careers in India, Zee News reported.

In response to a question about dynasty politics at an event on September 12 at the University of California – Berkeley, FirstPost  quoted Gandhi as saying,  “That’s how India works. Dynastic politics is a problem in all political parties. Most of the country runs like this. Akhilesh [Yadav], [MK] Stalin and even [actor] Abhishek Bachchan are dynasts. Even [Prem Kumar] Dhumal’s son [Anurag Thakur] is a dynast, so don’t go just after me.”

Speaking at the BJP’s national executive meeting in New Delhi, Shah said,  “BJP believes in politics of performance, while Congress in dynasty and politics of appeasement.”

Addressing a press conference, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal briefed media on Shah’s speech, in which Shah had praised the Narendra Modi-led government for its economic, diplomatic and internal security performance, The Hindu reported.

Goyal quoted Shah as saying, “The BJP president gave a befitting reply to Mr Rahul Gandhi armed with facts and figures. He [Rahul Gandhi] should answer what the Congress has given the country apart from scams amounting to Rs12,000 crores and a politics of appeasement. 

“The BJP believes in the politics of performance and is oriented to improving people’s lives through governance. That is why the president of India, the vice president, the prime minister, the speaker of the Lok Sabha are all people who have made it to these posts on the basis of merit.”