Rua da Esperanca, Macau.
Photo: Google Maps
Rua da Esperanca, Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Macau police arrested a 40-year-old local woman last Thursday after she was accused of illegally employing three foreigners in her restaurant.

Acting on a tip, the police arrested the woman for hiring three men from the Philippines to work in a restaurant on the ground floor of a building on Rua da Esperanca, Jornal Va Kio reported.

Police said in a media briefing that the three men had been cooking, washing dishes and serving customers in the restaurant.

After a police investigation, two Filipinos who worked as chefs in the restaurant were found not to have work permits, while the third man had a work permit but he was supposed to work for another restaurant. They were all arrested.

The female employer’s case was transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office and she will face a charge of illegal hiring.

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